Training sessions and certificates

TAIGA is an approved training organization offering personalized cash forecasting and cash collection related trainings for financial decision makers from all over the globe.

Training sessions

Training sessions provided by TAIGA help the users to achieve maximum of financial results by using the application. Why our training sessions are efficient?

Team of experts

Rich professional background alongside the profound expertise in finance and accounting enables our experts to lead the trainings and provide relevant recommendations

Personalized training sessions

Each training session is adapted to the needs and objectives of each enterprise allowing to maximize the efficiency of cash forecasting and cash collection activities.

Cross-sector expertise

Diversified customers portfolio allows us to constantly analyze the trends and the challenges of the activity sectors to tackle them efficiently and fast.


Once your training session at TAIGA is complete, you are going to receive an official certificate justifying your operational knowledge of the TAIGA solution your company is using.

Certification with TAIGA