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TAIGA Budget

Improve accuracy and reliability of your long-term cash forecasting

Track your performance and easily reconstruct your forecast financial statements
TAIGA Budget

TAIGA Budget is a financial planning software. It enables to reconstruct your financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow) and elaborate an operational budget.

The latter can be determined through the account clearance, incoming payments and outgoing payments information from the monthly budget of 12, 24 and 36 months.

This practice can be applied to one or many organizations. TAIGA Budget can neutralize intercompany transactions if applicable.

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Your financial planning solution (FP&A)
TAIGA Budget

Integrated functionalities


Logiciel de prévision de trésorerie : fonctionnalité

Data analysis

logged in real time

Produce your forecast cash flows automatically each month, avoiding the stress of broken Excel formulas.


Logiciel de prévision de trésorerie : fonctionnalité

Simple to use

Accessible 24/7

Share a common tool with your employees and subsidiaries and improve your strategic decision-making.


Consolidation of your accounting

and financial statements

You have a clear vision of your flows by company, while converging your different charts of accounts.


Logiciel de prévision de trésorerie : fonctionnalité


collaborative dashboards

Produce a forecast cash flow each month and generate the management reports in accordance to your company needs.




Comparison of results and forecast flows with achievements each month, adjust landings. Anticipation of possible financing needs


Solution de prévision de trésorerie : fonctionnalité


of accounting data

Integration carried out on the basis of an FEC or, failing that, a complete journal of entries. Flexibility in the integration which allows different charts of accounts to be mapped to a single frame.

Our advantages

TAIGA easily adapts for the specific needs of each customer offering customizable and rapidly deployable Cloud solutions within any type of an organization.

Discover how TAIGA added value can boost the performance of your accounting and financial teams.

Your quick wins obtained thought using financial planning solution
TAIGA Budget

Quick win #1.
Clear long-term forecasts

Once you have modeled your account clearance and payments in/out rules, you can recalculate your year-end turnover figures every month.

Quick win #2.
Simplicity and efficiency

Easily consolidate your numerous Excel sheets, loop your direct and indirect forecasts and obtain consistent charts of accounts for all your subsidiaries.

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Certified by Finance Innovation Cluster (France), TAIGA Platform has become an essential tool for more than 5000 active users in more than 60 countries worldwide.
TAIGA customers are the businesses of varied sectors, all sizes, from small and medium enterprises to multisite multicurrency international corporations and corporate groups.

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