agile SaaS platform

SaaS mode allows you to neutralize all the complexity related to your corporate group

Collecting data from heterogeneous sources
End of rigid and unreliable Excel tables

TAIGA platform automatically or manually collects data and your various documents from heterogeneous sources.

The data collected is consolidated in real time, if necessary in compliance with IFRS standards.

TAIGA agile SaaS Platform

Collaborative reporting and analyze
Automation of the preparation and distribution of your reports

The solutions are accessible on the web via a simple browser or a mobile terminal, to provide its customers with lasting tools.

Each element of the dashboard is customizable.

TAIGA allows data to be disseminated to any actor in the company or to any third party of your choice.

Reporting with TAIGA Solutions

Flexibility and scalability of solutions
Our solutions are continuously adjusted to technological innovations

We are following market trends and adding new payment features to improve the user experience at TAIGA.

You get notified about the introduction of the new platform features and solution functionalities by a dedicated newsletter.

Flexibility and scalability of solutions

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