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Key current challenges: cash forecasting and cash collection. Use TAIGA solutions free of charge for 3 months.

Who we are?

For 10 years, TAIGA has been supporting its customers in France and abroad in establishing their cash flow forecasts and improving their working capital.

In the current context, TAIGA offers its future customers to benefit from its TAIGA Cash Forecast and TAIGA Cash Collection solutions free of charge for 3 months: this is an effort that we are able to make out of solidarity with you.
Contact us via mail (contact@taiga-cm.com) or fill in the form below to ask for a product demonstration.

What are the benefits of TAIGA?

  • Custom SaaS solutions quickly deployed in multi-site, multi-subsidiary, multi-currency organizations
  • Full compatibility and interface with all information systems
  • Personalized operational support
  • Immediate ROI: improved performance management, analysis of your flows and anticipation of your needs

What is the added value of TAIGA solutions?

Cash forecasting

TAIGA Cash Forecast is going to help you to:

  • Build reliable cash flow forecasts
  • Anticipate the cash needs of the entities and certain specific deadlines
  • Analyze variances, get forecast cash reporting
  • Gain time, efficiency, reliability

TCF: discover the functionalities 

Cash collection

TAIGA Cash Collection enables you to:

  • Organize and prioritize your recovery actions
  • To be able to relaunch your customers by email via stimulus scenarios
  • To encourage internal and external exchanges, to share actions, causes of blockage or important information with other services
  • Obtain real-time cash flow forecasts
  • Benefit from dashboards and analyzes

TCC : discover the functionalities 


During the next 3 weeks, TAIGA has decided to offer its future customers special conditions:

  • 10 % discount on the installation fee
  • First 3 months of use are free of charge

Contact us directly or fill out the form below for more information and to organize a remote presentation of TAIGA Solutions.

+ 33  1 84 17 08 85

These conditions are proposed to all new customers who will sign a contract by May 31, 2020.

Our references

A wind of innovation blows on companies (TAIGA)

Article published in Company News N 153 July-August-September 2014.

By presenting itself as the leading provider of reporting and monitoring software solutions for the optimization of working capital requirements (BFR) and cash flow forecasts, Taiga is playing the innovation card to serve the management of business flow. How do the proposed tools stand out from the competition? What is their added value? Explanations …

« You do not have to wait to get sick to get treatment, as much as to get vaccinated before. » From the start, Etienne Téqui, General Manager and co-founder of the Taiga company sets the tone. With Frédéric Doumenc, the current President and also co-founder, they have the will in 2009 to allow businesses of any size and especially large accounts, optimize their BFR and their cash forecast. It was all about finding an innovative solution that gives organizations the ability to simply and flexibly manage their feeds.

Starting from the observation that companies often have difficulties to finance their exploitation and that it is advisable to reinforce transparency in communication through performance indicators, Etienne Téqui and Frédéric Doumenc therefore decided, in April 2009, to launch Taiga. A company that publishes and develops a web software platform of the same name. Marketed in SaaS (subscription) mode, this platform aims to improve the BFR of organizations, anticipate their financing needs, know what they spend while helping them to determine their development strategies. A tool whose mission is, as you will understand, to clean up management practices. And if by « monitoring » and « reporting », it is appropriate respectively to understand: « Solutions to highlight elements of WCR and cash flow ». But also: « retrieval of information within a database » …

It is equally important to perceive that, according to Etienne Téqui, there is no question of offering organizations the simple « photograph » of a moment that would fix their data without ever seeing them evolve. On the contrary! Taiga aspires to provide businesses with a « video » of past, present and future cash information so they can access dynamic insights.

Did you say « innovative »?

Specifically, the implementation of the Taiga software solution takes place in two stages and requires no specific installation. After setting up a module corresponding to the reporting environment of the client company, Taiga consultants train the designated associates on site or via videoconferences. Taiga then provides them with login and passwords to enable them to access the platform.

Originally developed for the needs of a global group, Taiga’s tools are, therefore, all designed to be multilingual. An international approach due to the fact that WCR and cash are analyzed in the same way around the world and that Taiga’s customers generally have subsidiaries located around the globe.

But what really makes the difference between the solutions proposed by Taiga and the others, it is indeed their aspect « dedicated » comments Etienne Téqui. And to clarify: « To my knowledge, few competitors present to date specific solutions on the WCR and cash forecast. That’s why we have created flexible and customizable modules, adaptable to the needs of our customers (it is better not to put « tailor-made » because today everyone uses this term to define their expertise).

Beyond software, Taiga provides support and advice to train and support employees to the tools offered. In addition, there is a « qualitative » hotline since each consultant is attentive to the needs expressed by the client company. « We are organizing ourselves so that, on a regular basis, our teams offer companies analyzes of their data that will be transmitted (it takes an » s « here) at a steady pace, » explains Etienne Téqui. And to add: « We want our customers to obtain, through our solutions, an improvement in the quality of their cash forecasts as a reduction in their WCR. We aspire to evolve our tools by finding new criteria of comparison to allow them to compare their performances « .

Today, Taiga also develops industrialized « turnkey » solutions for SMEs and wants to establish itself around the world. This is currently the case in Russia. In December 2012, the publisher was recognized as a « young innovative company » by the Finance Innovation division. In March 2013, Taiga was designated as an « Innovative Company » by the same authority. Enough to give the whole Taiga team the desire to continue its momentum by always rhyming « innovation » with « trust, transparency and agility ».

Third reporting error: establishing a single evaluation indicator

Dafmag.fr, the 21/02/2014, tribune of Marie-Laure Demarquay .

There are 7 deadly sins in reporting …. The second was to conceal the perpetual change which your society undergoes or impels; the third ? Only trust one indicator. Explanations.


With the difficulties that the crisis has brought to your business, you are now focusing more strongly on the key elements of your business, especially your cash which is in difficulty. To support this key point of your business, your reporting has been updated to take into account only how each department of your company contributes to the improvement of the cash flow. In this way, you define the precise indicators for each business unit manager.

When your sales fall, however, your sales people are poor because no indicator of your reporting comes to provide them with relevant information to explain it. Moreover you are not aware of this decline in sales because all your customers paid their bills on time last month, your cash flow indicators are in the green. A few months later, it is already too late to correct the decline in sales because the information did not reach you in time, and salespeople unable to rely on the reporting system to understand their problem could not act effectively.


By restricting your reporting to a specific goal, you may only be able to make the information you collect useful to that goal. By concealing all the other functions of this system, namely to make quick decisions about the immediate situation.

And so…

To judge as accurately as possible the performance of the various business lines of your company, and how they contribute to the overall performance of your company, choose indicators that are relevant to each of these elements in terms of the issues they face. To do this, involve the managers of your various business units in the development of your reporting system, to enable agile management at all levels of your company.

French SMEs to develop the Moscow Square

TAIGA among French companies in Moscow. The echoes. 31/10/2013

The echoes. Benjamin Quénelle Correspondent in Moscow

Market company

Paris encourages technology transfer with Russia.

«   To be seen by the Russians, Euronext has every interest in encouraging the participation of the French in the modernization of their financial sector. Edouard de Lencquesaing, Paris Europlace’s special adviser in charge of promoting the Parisian market, does not hide his enthusiasm for this new Franco-Russian cooperation, as Moscow seeks to create its own international financial center. «   Our SMEs specialized in innovative technologies have here a great card to play!   »

New legislation

On the eve of Jean-Marc Ayrault’s visit to Russia, Paris Europlace yesterday invited a delegation of young French companies to present their know-how. «   A promising first trip!  »Says Adina Grigoriu of AAA, a French engineering firm in asset allocation. « At  the moment, our clients are French, American and Dutch pension funds. Markets already mature. In Russia, this industry is just starting to grow. So there are many more opportunities here .  »

In practice, the financial center dreamed of by the Kremlin is still far from having emerged, despite several reforms. In 2011, the two stock exchanges merged, and this year Micex-RTS was listed on its own stock exchange platform.

New legislation has come into force to make the market more transparent and attractive. Objective: to convince Russian groups, who prefer a double entry, to Moscow and a renowned financial center (New York, London or Hong Kong), to be listed only in Russia. But the basic problem remains: there is not enough capital in Moscow ready to be invested.

«   Cahin-caha, this is happening. To create this financial center, Moscow really needs new technologies,  « says Alexei Martynishin, head of the Moscow branch of Murex. The French company specializing in the development of risk management software, opened last year an office in Moscow and has three major customers (two private banks, one public). «   To work well with the Russians, there is no secret: you have to settle here,   » he advises. «   Americans and Germans have understood and are already present. To the French to follow …


TAÏGA interviewed by The Voice of Russia

The Voice of Russia. Anna Karpova. February 5, 2014.

More and more French people are considering going abroad to find a job. Although most of them are turning to European countries, more and more expatriates are choosing to go further east towards Russia. With more than 400 subsidiaries of French companies located in Russia and whose number is growing, this can be considered as a stable trend: Russia is more and more interested in the inhabitants of the Hexagon. The agency Ubifrance intended for the international development of French companies believes that the French experience is in demand in Russia especially in the field of high technology and digital.

But it is not only young graduates who want to find Russian career opportunities absent in France, they are young entrepreneurs who have ventured to do business in Russia. According to data from Yannick Tranchier, founder of the 1st French incubator in Moscow about 50 French companies come to settle in Russia each year, « but what is especially interesting is the progress. »Publisher of innovative software, the company TAÏGA looks at forecasting and monitoring the market and possible risks. What was at the time the chore of dozens of financial experts is now available by a simple click on the computer. After taking a look at the Russian market a few months ago, TAIGA Sales Manager Etienne Téqui returned to open his subsidiary in Russia. According to him, even the name of the company imposes it.

Discover the video on the website of La Voix de la Russie:

TAIGA ranked among the best digital start-ups!

The Digital Factory. Posted on July 3, 2013

Specialized in the evaluation and monitoring of business operations, Taiga offers, through its expertise, several web solutions to highlight the performance and risks associated with the operation of companies.
It also measures the company’s ability to generate money, improve visibility on projected revenue and highlight the true value of current assets.

The Taiga platform offers many modules deployed in Saas mode, fast and without installation, allowing simple and immediate access. Each module is accompanied by a configurable dashboard.

In addition, the start-up received a fundraising of 400 thousand euros from Fa-Dièse, Arnaud Vaissié and Thierry Labbé in 2013.

Genesis of the company:

Taiga was created in April 2009 by Frédéric Doumenc, Etienne Téqui and Serge Mosselmans.


Web solutions for evaluating and monitoring business operations.

Market :

Development and deployment of a set of specific web solutions for consolidation, reporting, evaluation and anticipation of operating operational risks


  • Frédéric Doumenc: co-founder.
  • Etienne Téqui: co-founder.
  • Serge Mosselmans: co-founder.

TAIGA : What would you do with 6.5 billion euros?

This is indeed 6.5 billion euros that should be paid by BNP PARIBAS to the US treasury in the form of a fine, under the watchful eye of the French authorities definitely powerless despite the attempted larvess attempted here and there by our « rulers ». 

Dura lex, sed lex, even when it was erected by a country in the sole protection of its own interests, in violation of an embargo unilaterally decided by the United States, and without any respect for international law of protection human rights. Because the first victims of these embargoes are the local populations, who suffer directly the disastrous consequences of these sanctions pronounced against them … It is finally, accepting the payment of this exemplary fine, recognize the supremacy of the dollar, the United States in their role as the only world policeman, and to legitimize the very practice of the embargo. All while negotiating in parallel a transatlantic treaty that will end up recognizing American supremacy over a Europe under dependence …

We are told today that BNP Paribas has the means to pay this fine. The good deal … I do not dare to even imagine the impact of this sum on the financing of companies that it could generate by the increase of the same amount of its own funds (7%), nor the brake on investments internal, or even the impact on the corporate tax that it will lose the state (more than 2 billion euros?) …

A small French entrepreneur who fights every day to find customers, create value and jobs, I was wondering this morning about an impact of 6.5 billion Euros that would be injected directly into the French economy tomorrow morning, without having unhealthy ideas of egalitarian redistribution …

6.5 billion euros is already 700 million more than the budget Research Tax Credit of France for 2014. In other words, it would directly multiply by 2 its impact.

If we count the number of SMEs and midcaps in France, it would make a check for € 45,500 that could be made to each of them.

With a smic at about € 1,445, adding the employers’ expenses, it is 258,000 jobs that would be financed for a year …

If we look at the share of the budget devoted to research in 2014 by France, it is an envelope of 7.7 billion euros …

There is no point in multiplying the examples of what could be done if our tax-filled sky fell from a 6.5 billion euro check … No need to find out how the United States will use them.

But, added to the usual flaw, this pecuniary sanction imposed on BNP-PARIBAS is absolute nonsense.

Taiga Cash Collection tool for monitoring and controlling customer outstandings

Business file. Interview with Serge Mosselmans, partner.
Credit Function, the magazine of Credit Management trades. February 2014

Presentation of Taiga

Founded in 2009, TAIGA publishes in SaaS mode an innovative platform for reporting and monitoring operating flows, dedicated to improving WCR and cash flow. TAIGA combines operational advice and development of dedicated web tools.

The platform, labeled as early as 2010 by the Finance Innovation Competitiveness Cluster, consists of different complementary business modules and already has more than 1,000 subscribers worldwide.

The Taiga platform offers 3 modules for monitoring and controlling the operation of companies :

All the modules proposed by Taiga were developed by the technical teams of the company and were specified by the founding Associate Directors. These modules are the result of more than 30 years of combined experience of the Managing Partners in the optimization of BFR large groups in France and internationally. These experiences were acquired in consulting firms (KPMG, Kearney AT, Andersen, Mazard and Resulteam, …) and operationally through the exercise of the credit management function (Dell Europe South for 5 years).

Today, and beyond its publishing activity, Taiga offers its clients operational consulting missions to optimize customer outstandings and implement good credit management practices. The tools are enriched every day by this experience, and constantly offer users changes: reporting indicators, ergonomics, new collaborative features, …

Taiga Cash Collection : the putting under control of outstanding customer

Taiga Cash Collection is an innovative web tool that is designed for Account Managers, Credit Managers, Financial Managers and, more generally, all players involved in Credit Management and Customer Recovery (Businesses). , ADV, BU Manager, …)

Taiga Cash Collection meets the main operational needs of recovery:

  1. Provision of complete analysis and reporting dashboards, tailor-made and fully customizable for anyone in the organization
  2. Quick and easy analysis of old balances and prioritization of stimulus actions for managers
  3. Management of recovery actions by manager / business / customer / etc.
  4. Management of customer information needed to ensure customer recovery (accounting information, risk and credit limit, customer contacts, business, …).

Taiga Cash Collection is a Saas tool that can be installed in just a few days in any organization. The tool is « synchronized » with accounting (ERP) once a day. For that, it is enough to develop in the ERP a request generating a file of the detailed aged balance. This is the list of all non-literate coins of the outstanding client with all the information available in the tools (customer information, invoice, commercial, BU, analytical axes …). Once this file is generated and deposited on a secure and dedicated server, the tool retrieves the information and updates itself with the client accounting automatically in a few minutes.

The installation of Taiga Cash Collection is extremely simple, without complex interface with the ERP, and is done on average between 1 and 2 weeks (training included).

Operational management of customer outstanding in Taiga Cash Collection is done on 2 axes:

  1. Recovery status : to identify clear steps in the evolution of the qualification of invoices in the relaunch (Not relaunched, in Mediation, Litigation, Promise of payment, …)
  2. Blocking causes : to precisely define the reasons why customers do not pay (technical dispute, billing, cash flow, etc.)

Beyond the information, on the accounting data (invoices, amounts, deadlines, …), the customer information (name, address, contact, order number, …), the statutes and causes of blocking, the tool also manages risk management data: credit limits and customer scoring.

An innovative and totally flexible reporting system

At all times users have access to powerful, fully configurable and updated real-time control panels.

Each user (General Management, Credit Manager, BU Manager, collection manager, commercial) defines in a few clicks the indicators he needs.

Each reporting table is constructed as a PivotTable based on a comprehensive list of performance tracking metrics such as:

  1. Total aged balance, by client, manager, salesperson, customer segment, area, BU, by status of stimulus etc.
  2. Top 10-20-30 …: Customer, dispute, payment, invoice …
  3. Total DSO, by customer, maturity and evolution ratios ….
  4. Volumetrics of the wallets, customer, coins, ….

The tool can have up to 40 different lines of analysis of outstanding client (portfolio, legal entity, BU, commercial, country, division, …).

These dashboards are accessible to all users when they connect to the platform but can also be sent automatically and in push mode by email. For example, you can automatically send each sales representative of an organization every week an email containing a detailed dashboard of the outstanding amount of his client portfolio:

  1. Old balance by type of customer of the salesman,
  2. Top 10/20 commercial customer with stimulus shares,
  3. Customer’s commercial disputes by reason of blocking,
  4. Evolution of outstandings, DSO, expiry rate of the commercial,

Simplicity and ergonomics

Taiga Cash Collection has been developed with the constant aim of simplifying its use and installation as much as possible. The tool is parameterized and installed in a few days with great flexibility. User training is done in half a day.

The menus and functionalities are fully configurable by the administrators of our customers without needing an IT expertise.

The ergonomics of this software is very intuitive and each user has the ability to organize the display of data in the tool as desired. The tool works much like a structured Excel PivotTable where each user defines:

a. What he wants to see online
b. What he wants to see in column
c. What he wants to exclude or filter on the data

The tool exists today in 6 languages, but can be translated directly by the Customer or Taiga.

Outlook and evolutions

While keeping its simplicity of use and installation, some features are under development and will be deployed in early 2014. These new features are designed to make the tool even more collaborative. Thus a module of « Circularization online », will give the possibility to a customer (through the sending of an email) to qualify his outstanding directly in the application. This same module can also be sent to sales representatives.

Finally, a module for forecasting receipts is also available. Its forecasts will be based on the analysis of the balances on date, the qualification of outstanding amounts in the tool by the managers as well as on the paying behaviors of the different customers over the last periods.

SME executives do not see improvement in access to credit

Dafmag.fr, the 19/02/2014, tribune of Antoine Gendre.

Nine out of ten SME managers are « worried » about economic conditions, to varying degrees. And for more than half of the bosses, the turnover should decline this year.

Nine out of ten SME managers « worried » about economic conditions. A level that has hardly changed since the end of 2012, says the Barometer on financing and access to credit SMEs SMEs CGPM and KPMG published in February. This general sentiment is corroborated by the outlook for the level of activity in 2014: for more than half of the bosses, turnover is expected to decline this year.

Optimism is no longer in the financial field and relations with banks: entrepreneurs are 36% to estimate having to face problems of cash or financing ; such a level had never been achieved in the past four years. They are also a big third to restrict their investments or their credit applications because of the difficulties of access to credit, without any improvement in recent quarters.

Access to credit always difficult

On the other hand, there is no improvement in terms of access to credit, with a very high level of entrepreneurs considering they have been confronted with at least one hardening measure, mainly higher fees or amounts granted. weaker than what was requested.

Finally, despite the small improvement announced in economic conditions – the government forecasts 0.9% growth this year, like many economists – SMEs remain very cautious in terms of investment: they are only 20% anticipate a rise in this area this year.

Payment deadlines cost SMEs 15 billion

The Echos.fr. By Marie Bellan , February 13, 2014.

The government’s payment deadlines are falling, but the situation is not improving between the companies. The delays deprive SMEs of € 15 billion in cash and mid-market companies of € 6 billion.

Minister of Economy Pierre Moscovici on the move Thursday in Lens. – AFP

It is not on the side of payment delays that the upturn expected by business leaders will come. In 2012, the financial burden borne by companies due to these delays has increased, according to the report of the Observatory of payment deadlines presented yesterday. Supplier delays have indeed dropped more (from two days to fifty-two) than customer delays (from half a day to forty-three and a half).

The Observatory’s report estimates that one-third of businesses are victims or cause excessive late payment (in excess of 60 legal calendar days). If the deadlines were respected, the cash supplement would reach 15 billion euros for SMEs and 6 billion for mid-caps.

B2B mediation

For Pierre Moscovici, this situation must be able to be dealt with at the level of business-to-business mediation, which is already part of the mission. To strengthen it, an additional instance will be created; its secretariat will be entrusted to Pierre Pelouzet, the B2B mediator. Objective: to incite bad payers to change their behavior. « I really believe in mediation, which allows a lot of situations to be solved. It can be tough mediation, if necessary, « said the Minister of Economy.

Instead, the government has set an example by reducing delays, to nineteen days last year, against twenty-eight days for communities. « The central state is very very virtuous. On the other hand, the rest is terrifying, judged Jean-Hervé Lorenzi. And, as public spending cuts are going to take place rather on local authorities or social administrations, it will be necessary to be very vigilant.  »

Liability Pact

Pierre Moscovici then went to Lens and, while François Hollande had taken Pierre Gattaz, the president of the Medef, in his luggage in the United States, the Minister of Economy was accompanied in the North Pas-de-France. de-Calais by the presidents of the General Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (CGPME) and the Union professionnelle artisanale (UPA), Jean-François Roubaud and Jean-Pierre Crouzet. One way to show that Medef is not the only interlocutor of the government. And that the CGPME and the UPA are not left to support the pact of responsibility, after the clumsiness of Pierre Gattaz in the United States. « With the pact, a huge impact is born among the business leaders who are very starters. But we must not be disappointed. The President of the Republic can count on our companies to play the game « , said Jean-François Roubaud. Same tone with Jean-Pierre Crouzet, who emphasized the importance of youth employment.