Cash Flow Forecasting Solution

TAIGA Cash Forecast

Improve accuracy of your cash flow forecasts with a flexible and collaborative solution

Execute your cash forecasts in the Cloud
TAIGA Cash Forecast

Our cash forecasting solution (SaaS) is aimed on continuous improvement of your performance management. It enables to control and analyse financial flows to anticipate a company’s needs in cash accurately.

TAIGA Cash Forecast tackles every challenging aspect of cash forecasting in a corporate group as current accounts, internal payments, complexity internal organization, communication issues within the group, vast variety of financial data sources and a number of operating currencies.

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Cash flow forecasting solution
TAIGA Cash Forecast

Integrated functionalities


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Efficient collection and consolidation of data

from heterogeneous sources in real time

TCF collects data issued from heterogeneous sources automatically on manually. Collected data is consolidated in real time with respect with the IFRS requirements.


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with your information systems

Automated integration of the files related to flows and/or any other elements issued by your information systems.


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cash forecasting methods

Multiple time frames and forecast horizons in the same environment, logging, and consolidation between forecast horizons.


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and collaborative reporting

Real-time data analysis. Dissemination of data to any actor in the company or to any third party. Identification of cash-generating or consuming subsidiaries. Analysis of the differences between the actual and the forecast. Standardization of your analysis practices across your organization.


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Diverse forecasting

and financial modeling methods

Reproduce the set of your forecasting techniques you use in the application. You can use cash pooling multi-level/multi-currency, hedging, internal financing, and other common financial practices.


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of your cash landings

TAIGA Cash Forecast is a solution enabling to execute rolling forecasts: it is possible to remake the forecast without loosing previous forecasts. Analysis of all forecast flows executed for the cash landing. Possibility to discover the evolution of reliability of the cash forecasts trough the period of time.

Our advantages

TAIGA easily adapts for the specific needs of each customer offering customizable and rapidly deployable Cloud solutions within any type of an organization.

Discover how TAIGA added value can boost the performance of your accounting and financial teams

Your quick wins obtained thought using cash flow forecasting software solution
TAIGA Cash Forecast

Quick win #1: Immediate ROI thanks to boost of your teams' productivity

Once working methods are standardized and harmonized within a group, creation of collaborative reports and complex strategic decision-making becomes easy and fast

Quick win #2: Visible cash Improvement of cash flow visibility

Increase of free cash flow
WCR improvement
Release of trapped cash
Reduction of financial costs
Reduced risks of human error (typical for Excel)

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Certified by Finance Innovation Cluster (France), TAIGA Platform has become an essential tool for more than 5000 active users in more than 60 countries worldwide.
TAIGA customers are the businesses of varied sectors, all sizes, from small and medium enterprises to multisite multicurrency international corporations and corporate groups.

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