If companies say they make cash forecasts, few are actually doing so, unless specific constraints imposed by their banks or their financial partners when they are in a restructuring phase.

Yet, what is more essential than anticipating the needs (unfortunately growing) of the financing of the exploitation? The trends today are without appeal (Souce Altarès):

“After a slight decline in the first quarter (-1.8%), business insolvencies show a strong increase in the second quarter of 2013 (+ 9.4%), close to the high level of the second quarter of 2009.” (Altares, Analysis 2nd quarter 2013: failures and backups of companies in France http://www.altares.fr ).

All sectors are concerned, regardless of the size of the companies.

TAÏGA, whose business is to support its customers in the implementation of cash flow forecasts, offers its recognized software solutions.

Giving you a methodology to build your forecasts, refine them, and communicate them to your financial partners is our business, at the service of your operating financing.

It’s never too late to do well …

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