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TAIGA Cash Forecast

Our cash forecasting solution (SaaS) is aimed on continuous improvement of your performance management. It enables to control and analyse financial flows to anticipate a company's needs in cash accurately.

TAIGA Cash Forecast tackles every challenging aspect of cash forecasting in a corporate group as current accounts, internal payments, complexity internal organization, communication issues within the group, vast variety of financial data sources and a number of operating currencies.

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Efficient collection and consolidation of data

from heterogeneous sources

TCF collects information on actual financial flows from your information system (TCF is compatible with any TMS) and on forecast flows from the employees


Diverse forecasting and financial

modeling methods

The methods vary in time horizons (year, month, week, day) , financial modeling refers to cash pooling (multi-level/multi currency), hedging, internal financing and other financial practices


Cash forecasting solution

perfectly tailored to your business context

TCF can do accurate forecast for any type of enterprise (joint ventures, subsidiaries, corporate groups...) and show the equity value of holding percentage


Enhancement of team work

with a collaborative tool

Shared software enables the team members to have access to correct consolidated financial data in the form of comprehensive customizable reports

Quick-win #1: Immediate ROI thanks to boost of your teams' productivity

Once working methods are standardized and harmonized within a group, creation of collaborative reports and complex strategic decision-making becomes easy and fast

Quick-win #2: Visible cash

Improvement of cash flow visibility
Increase of free cash flow
WCR improvement
Freeing of trapped cash
Reduction of financial costs
Reduced risks of human error (typical for Excel)

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TAIGA is a cloud solution enabling you to calculate your monthly cash forecasts from a balance sheet and an operating budget.

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The Taïga Debt module can centralise, consolidate and generate reports on your internal or external debt.

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TAIGA Securities

Surety Software TAIGA Securities Surety software for managing your off-balance sheet commitments given and received.

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TAIGA Monitoring

Financial analysis software aimed on flow monitoring : TAIGA Monitoring. Conduct regular financial analysis with TAIGA financial analysis solution based on your follow-up or monitoring needs..

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