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TAIGA Securities

is a surety software designed to consolidate all off-balance sheet commitments given and received by a group and its subsidiaries.

Manage all your Board authorizations and obtain discharges on time — keep an eye on every detail.

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Data analysis

logged in real time

Identify all securities and guarantees given and received by your group via a tracking and validation workflow to consolidate data automatically


Simple to use

24/7 access

This single tool enables your entire organisation to harmonise its work and store all of your commitment data for tracking



collaborative reports

As well as consolidating your off-balance sheet risks, offer your auditors a single, comprehensive view of your commitments


Reference database


Converge all of your subsidiary, bank, banking contact, insurance, underlyings and paperless document information in a single reference database solution

Quick win #1. Enhanced team cooperation

Our surety software workflows enable all involved in the issuing or receipt of paperless guarantees to work together on collaborative analysis and reports

Quick win #2. Immediate results

See an immediate ROI via discharging at the
right time or enabling your companies to enter
into commitments in accordance
with the approved

solutions of TAIGA

TAIGA Cash Forecast

TAIGA Cash Collection

TAIGA Budget

TAIGA is a cloud solution enabling you to calculate your monthly cash forecasts from a balance sheet and an operating budget.

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The Taïga Debt module can centralise, consolidate and generate reports on your internal or external debt.

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TAIGA Monitoring

Financial analysis software aimed on flow monitoring : TAIGA Monitoring. Conduct regular financial analysis with TAIGA financial analysis solution based on your follow-up or monitoring needs..

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