RETURN 2015: The DAF checklist

In this fall 2015, Taiga gives advice to the DAF to drive the growth of their business and cash!

Keep your goals in mind:

Optimize your BFR by managing your cash flow and a global vision of your cash, in order to improve business performance and control risks, … The role of the DAF is primarily a strategist role. Keep your goals in mind and make decisions accordingly. Define with the CA and the associated departments (management control for example) the objectives that must govern your strategy and that will allow your company to accelerate its growth.

Go to the Cloud:

Instantaneity, flexibility, scalability, universality, data security, … many are the benefits of the cloud. 47% of companies already use a cloud system: to avoid losing your competitive advantage, follow your competitors closely and their internal management systems! Your productivity is your spearhead and your most valuable weapon. Always be at the level of your competitors in terms of technologies used, if not ahead of them!

Make your relationships with shareholders a priority in your goals:

Looking after your relationships with shareholders is not a plus; it is the necessary condition for the good health of your company.

Opt for a global vision of your risks and guarantees:

Taiga Debt and Securities offers a secure system for managing debts and guarantees in the cloud. Go to the next level of productivity and say goodbye to the tedious manipulation of contracts and Excel files. With TDS, you have real-time access to your available cash to prepare and implement important financial transactions.

Prepare your budgets for the sake of precision:

Without a clear and well-planned budget, your company will not improve its financial performance. Do not stop progressing in precision in your projected and realized budgets: the management of the capital of your company will thus be able to bear fruits (profitability and profits). Taiga Cash Forecast uses the direct method to accompany and facilitate the optimization of your cash forecast. Our second treasury forecasting tool, Taiga Financial Planning, is based on the indirect method to provide you with a global vision of your budgets.

Do not take debt collection lightly:

Your debt collection item is a crucial item for the financial health of your business. Taiga tips to give him the attention he deserves? Switch to collaborative systems such as Taiga Cash Collection to revive your customers and recover your bills as soon as possible. If your cash is in trouble, you can also use a factor.

Finally, make sure that your employees responsible for validating and paying invoices know exactly what they are matching and what are the recovery processes in your company. Good accounts make good friends, and this rule applies especially to B2B transactions!

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