HIVENTY Group : dunning process automation

Discover a project of dunning process automation for one of the largest international players in audiovisual production sector.

Some results of HIVENTY group
Significant facilitation of processes within a group thanks to flexible and intuitive software

What internal and external challenges have motivated you to look for a dunning management software?

  • The software elaborated internally was not functioning efficiently enough to ensure the optimal debt recovery process and the monitoring of actions, hence the company started to search for a dedicated recovery tool

What was the dunning process before the deployment of TAIGA Cash Collection?

  • The employees involved in cash collection process in the HIVENTY group used SAGE for the statements and an Excel export of the balances for the follow-up of the comments

Why did Hiventy chose TAIGA Cash Collection to optimise dunning process ?

  • Among the software solutions which have been presented, TAIGA Cash Collection seemed to be the most simple, the most direct, it seemed to provide the most intuitive use 


Founded in 1984, HIVENTY is today a key player in French and international technical audiovisual services. HIVENTY offers a full range of high-end solutions in all areas of audiovisual and cinema: post-production & restoration, subtitling & dubbing, distribution of all formats.

Sector: Audiovisual production
Headquarters: Boulogne-Billancourt, France
Type of company: A corporate group
Organization: Parent company and international subsidiaries
International presence: The sites are situated in Europe, Africa and Asia 
Size: 253 employees
Turnover: 36 million euros in 2017

The advantages of TAIGA Cash Collection
according to Hiventy

Noticiable optimisation of internal processes

  • Follow-up of the client reminders have become much easier and more exhaustive as it became possible to save the comments and make them easily available

Ease of use of the
software solution

  • Easy-to-use tool, easily adjustable, which makes it possible to adapt the tool to the specific needs of a company
  • The teams of TAIGA are always available 

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