Group EDF Renewables : cash flow forecasting automation

Discover a project of a set up of automated and consolidated cash flow forecasts for the one of the world leaders in the renewable energy sector.

Some results of the group EDF Renewables
Significant improvement in the reliability of cash flow forecasts thanks to the installation of a flexible and collaborative software

What external and internal challenges have motivated you to consider installing a cash flow forecasting tool?

  • Significant investments which required regular monitoring of cash needs
  • Numerous subsidiaries around the world with currency conversion issues
  • Need to simplify the internal processes and well to make them significantly more reliable 

What was the cash flow forecasting process before the deployment of TAIGA Cash Forecast?

  • The forecasts were executed in Excel, they had evident consolidation problems due to insufficient control
  • Changes made by subsidiaries over past periods required increased vigilance and verifications with subsidiaries
  • Deviation analysis was done manually and therefore it was time consuming

Why did you choose TAIGA Cash Forecast to your forecasts?

  • Modularity and adjustability of the solution
  • Possibility to adapt the tool to the particular needs of the company and its internal organization
  • Ease of use of the tool

EDF Renewables

EDF Renewables is a leader in the production of electricity from renewable sources all around the world. An integrated operator, EDF Renouvelables is responsible for the development, financing and construction of renewable installations, as well as their operation and maintenance.

Sector : Renewable energy
Headquarters : Paris, France
Corporate organisation : A corporate group 
Organisation : Parent company and a number of subsidiaries 
International presence : The group operates in 20 countries 
Company size : 3826 employees 
Turnover : 770 M€

The results obtained thanks to installation of the
cash flow forecasting software TAIGA Cash Forecast

An immediate ROI linked to improving team productivity

  • Clear time saving
  • Data reliability and locking of past data
  • Accountability of subsidiaries in relation to the data communicated

Optimization of internal processes

  • Multi-company and multi-currency data collection and consolidation
  • Facilitation of the cash flow forecasting process
  • Increased reliability of analyses 

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