Recover your outstanding customers

Do you ever say to yourself, regretfully, especially when you have to pay your expenses and to prepare your end-of-year balance sheet, that you are a little banker of your customers?

If there is a direct link between the increased risk of customer default and the increase in delay, it is urgent to control your recovery process. But, above all, it is urgent to know the reasons why your customers do not pay you in time, so as to better anticipate the management of your current assets …

The second quarter of 2013 saw the number of corporate insolvencies increase by 9.4% in France, while the settlement conditions in Europe were tighter in the same quarter, with just over 12 days of average delay in payment delays. in the hexagon (source Altares).

A little air in your availability, a better knowledge of your customer risks, do not hesitate to call on business experts who, through innovative solutions for reporting your current assets, assist you in the sustainable reduction of your business. DSO.

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