TAIGA ranked among the best digital start-ups!

The Digital Factory. Posted on July 3, 2013

Specialized in the evaluation and monitoring of business operations, Taiga offers, through its expertise, several web solutions to highlight the performance and risks associated with the operation of companies.
It also measures the company’s ability to generate money, improve visibility on projected revenue and highlight the true value of current assets.

The Taiga platform offers many modules deployed in Saas mode, fast and without installation, allowing simple and immediate access. Each module is accompanied by a configurable dashboard.

In addition, the start-up received a fundraising of 400 thousand euros from Fa-Dièse, Arnaud Vaissié and Thierry Labbé in 2013.

Genesis of the company:

Taiga was created in April 2009 by Frédéric Doumenc, Etienne Téqui and Serge Mosselmans.


Web solutions for evaluating and monitoring business operations.

Market :

Development and deployment of a set of specific web solutions for consolidation, reporting, evaluation and anticipation of operating operational risks


  • Frédéric Doumenc: co-founder.
  • Etienne Téqui: co-founder.
  • Serge Mosselmans: co-founder.

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