A wind of innovation blows on companies (TAIGA)

Article published in Company News N 153 July-August-September 2014.

By presenting itself as the leading provider of reporting and monitoring software solutions for the optimization of working capital requirements (BFR) and cash flow forecasts, Taiga is playing the innovation card to serve the management of business flow. How do the proposed tools stand out from the competition? What is their added value? Explanations …

“You do not have to wait to get sick to get treatment, as much as to get vaccinated before.” From the start, Etienne Téqui, General Manager and co-founder of the Taiga company sets the tone. With Frédéric Doumenc, the current President and also co-founder, they have the will in 2009 to allow businesses of any size and especially large accounts, optimize their BFR and their cash forecast. It was all about finding an innovative solution that gives organizations the ability to simply and flexibly manage their feeds.

Starting from the observation that companies often have difficulties to finance their exploitation and that it is advisable to reinforce transparency in communication through performance indicators, Etienne Téqui and Frédéric Doumenc therefore decided, in April 2009, to launch Taiga. A company that publishes and develops a web software platform of the same name. Marketed in SaaS (subscription) mode, this platform aims to improve the BFR of organizations, anticipate their financing needs, know what they spend while helping them to determine their development strategies. A tool whose mission is, as you will understand, to clean up management practices. And if by “monitoring” and “reporting”, it is appropriate respectively to understand: “Solutions to highlight elements of WCR and cash flow”. But also: “retrieval of information within a database” …

It is equally important to perceive that, according to Etienne Téqui, there is no question of offering organizations the simple “photograph” of a moment that would fix their data without ever seeing them evolve. On the contrary! Taiga aspires to provide businesses with a “video” of past, present and future cash information so they can access dynamic insights.

Did you say “innovative”?

Specifically, the implementation of the Taiga software solution takes place in two stages and requires no specific installation. After setting up a module corresponding to the reporting environment of the client company, Taiga consultants train the designated associates on site or via videoconferences. Taiga then provides them with login and passwords to enable them to access the platform.

Originally developed for the needs of a global group, Taiga’s tools are, therefore, all designed to be multilingual. An international approach due to the fact that WCR and cash are analyzed in the same way around the world and that Taiga’s customers generally have subsidiaries located around the globe.

But what really makes the difference between the solutions proposed by Taiga and the others, it is indeed their aspect “dedicated” comments Etienne Téqui. And to clarify: “To my knowledge, few competitors present to date specific solutions on the WCR and cash forecast. That’s why we have created flexible and customizable modules, adaptable to the needs of our customers (it is better not to put “tailor-made” because today everyone uses this term to define their expertise).

Beyond software, Taiga provides support and advice to train and support employees to the tools offered. In addition, there is a “qualitative” hotline since each consultant is attentive to the needs expressed by the client company. “We are organizing ourselves so that, on a regular basis, our teams offer companies analyzes of their data that will be transmitted (it takes an” s “here) at a steady pace,” explains Etienne Téqui. And to add: “We want our customers to obtain, through our solutions, an improvement in the quality of their cash forecasts as a reduction in their WCR. We aspire to evolve our tools by finding new criteria of comparison to allow them to compare their performances “.

Today, Taiga also develops industrialized “turnkey” solutions for SMEs and wants to establish itself around the world. This is currently the case in Russia. In December 2012, the publisher was recognized as a “young innovative company” by the Finance Innovation division. In March 2013, Taiga was designated as an “Innovative Company” by the same authority. Enough to give the whole Taiga team the desire to continue its momentum by always rhyming “innovation” with “trust, transparency and agility”.

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