Computerized Accounting – TAIGA

The administration is modernizing and developing more and more efficient control tools … It is within this framework that the Book of Tax Procedures has recently been amended through its article A47 A1. In order to simplify the processing of the checks whose verification notice is sent as from 1 January 2014, it is appropriate for taxpayers to transmit in plain files flat files fulfilling a certain number of criteria.

Beyond the standardization of the analyzes, and probably their systematization, because it is not inconceivable to think that bundles one day will have to be delivered accompanied by default of these files of data … the question which remains is that of the objective sought: enhance transparency, speed up controls?

If the modifications belong in the first place to the editors of accounting software, it is also legitimate to wonder about the practical aspects of the control zones, reporting deadlines (VAT …), modifications after a closing date, treatment of fixed assets …

Taiga CM, for its part, is perfectly capable of handling this type of format, allowing automatic integrations that are still simplified, and can only be pleased to simplify its compatibility with ALL information systems.

Let us hope that this very useful standardization of accounting software extraction formats can be extended to banking formats, which remain heterogeneous from one bank to another or from one country to another, BUT does not constitute ultimately a nuisance more in the already dark sky of French companies.

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