Etienne Téqui’s Pitch at FinTech Community on 24.11.15

Hello everyone,

Etienne Téqui, founding president of Taiga.

If I created Taïga almost 7 years ago, it’s because my years in business have allowed me to see the presence of an often impassable wall between SMEs looking for funding and their financial partners who, themselves , must control their risks.

It is for this reason that I am pleased to present today, together with my partner Mohamed Ameziane, our latest innovative digital financial planning solution.

Why: Everything started from Pierre DAC who said “forecasts are difficult, especially when they concern the future”. Our goal today is therefore to democratize financial planning and to allow a real relationship of trust between companies and their financial partners.

Democratize: our solution is simple and automated. It enables everyone, irrespective of the level of financial knowledge, to quickly and reliably build a profit and loss account and cash flow forecasts.
It is by making forecasts that we can anticipate its cash needs. In the same way, it is because it is simple and automatic that the reports will be regular. Everything is brought together to promote transparent financial communication, from companies to their partners. It is this transparency that makes it easier to obtain funding.

At the time of uberisation, Taiga meets the challenges of today with the tools of tomorrow.

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