TAIGA intervened at the 6th Grenoble Geopolitics Festival on April 4th 2014

Why a Geopolitical Festival?

Globalization and crisis require, companies need to understand their environment and analyze the risks to which they are exposed. The politicians are inspired by it, the military use it to deepen their strategic thinking, geographers renew their discipline thanks to it … to the general public, which is asking for more and more reading keys to decipher the news.

For the past twenty years, geoeconomics has become essential, bringing the economy into the limelight as a key factor in world power struggles.

Crossroads of all geopolitics, the Geopolitics Festival of Grenoble, created in 2009, intends to put France at the forefront of strategic thinking in this area.

Directed by Jean-Marc Huissoud, research professor in geopolitics, his scientific committee is rich of personalities with complementary horizons:

  • Claude Chancel Professor of Higher Chair, Associate of History
  • Marie-France Chatin Journalist – RFI
  • Philippe Faure Former diplomat and former Secretary General of the Quai d’Orsay
  • Pascal Gauchon President – Anteios -Professor of higher classes
  • Jean-Marc Huissoud Director – CEGG – Grenoble School of Management
  • Alain Juillet President of the Academy of Economic Intelligence
  • Pascal Lorot Director – Choiseul Institute
  • Dominique Moisi Professor – co founder of IFRI, member of the European Council of Foreign Affairs
  • Frédéric Munier Professor of Higher Classes – Secretary General of APHEC
  • Frédéric Pons Professor at the Inter-Defense College of Defense – journalist
  • Frédéric Pichon Researcher – University
  • Pierre Verluise Director – Diploweb

Some key elements …

Every year for 4 days, the geopolitics festival is:

  • 83 conferences
  • 8000 visitors
  • 64 live broadcasts
  • 4500 onlina strong presence in the press
  • an event seen around the world

What they say…

“For us, it is very important to be here because your students are our future teams and it is very important that our future teams have already been made aware of international issues.” Olivier Biétrix, Partner, Mazars

“EDF has recently joined the geopolitical festival because EDF is a global group. From the point of view of his interests, equilibrium, of what is happening in the world, geopolitics and geoeconomy is of great interest to us “. Pierre CALZAT, Director of Institutional Relations, EDF

“This festival is a success because they managed to do something completely concrete that manifests itself very well in the presence of listeners, stakeholders … It is completely rooted in the news and a good level of intervention. ” Christian David, Editor, Expansion

The theme of 2014: “Eurasia, future of Europe? “

From April 3 to 6, 2014, the many speakers of the festival will approach from different angles the stakes of international relations, the notion of Eurasia, the panorama and the success stories of companies that contribute to its influence, the European stakes, and their history, the definition and analysis of contemporary Russia, the natural resources and sustainable development of Eurasia, the apprehension of its society and its economy …

  • The conferences will share prestigious and representative places of their reflection:
  • The School of Management. 12 rue Pierre Semard. 38 000Grenoble
  • The House of the International. 1 Rue Hector Berlioz, 38000 Grenoble
  • The Institute of Alpine Geography. 14bis avenue Marie Reynoard. 38,000 Grenoble

The festival will close with the presentation of 3 prizes:

  • the Anteios – Axyntis Prize of the book of geopolitics
  • the EDF Prize for the first geopolitical book
  • the Master’s Prize in International Relations

For any information and / or registration: http://www.centregeopolitique.com

Etienne Téqui, General Director of TAÏGA will present on April 4, 2014 at 14h «Feedback: to establish in Russia»

Two companies tell of their arrival in Russia. On the one side PSA which implements a factory in the region of Kaluga, on the other a SSII with the name probably predestined, TAÏGA, which opens an office in Moscow. Two stories at once different and similar, two human adventures of pioneers who surely do not regret having gone there.

Speaker (s): Franck Bernard, Director Human Resources – PSA (Sochaux); Philippe Schleiter, Change Management Consultant; Etienne Téqui, General Manager – Taïga CM

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